Legal Guide to the Coronavirus Rent Payment Delay and Repayment Agreement (C.A.R. Form RPD)


From the CA Standard Forms Library, we will select the Categories and choose COVID-19. If the city or county where the property is located requires a specific form, check with local counsel to confirm that form RPD satisfies the local requirement. If not, use the locally required form. Paragraph 2A identifies the months in which the tenant will be unable to pay rent. If rent will be delayed for months other than April through August, use the blank line to specify otherwise. Paragraph 3A, B and C identify the reason or reasons the tenant was impacted by the covid-19 pandemic. The reasons given meet State and most local eviction orders. For Paragraphs 3 and 4, some local jurisdictions will allow a tenant to delay payment of rent without requiring a reason or providing proof even if a reason is given. If either applies, and the tenant is not voluntarily willing to provide the information in 3 and 4, then skip to paragraph 9 and write “Paragraphs 3 and/or 4 do not apply.” Remember to then come back to paragraph 5 to complete the rest of the form. Using the table in paragraph 5, calculate rent due, rent to be paid, and rent to be delayed for each month. Lone Wolf Transactions – zipForm Edition will auto-calculate the totals for you. Paragraph 6 details the repayment plan for delayed rent. Many jurisdictions legally give tenants several months to pay back past-due rent. 6C is a reminder that delayed rent is not due while a pandemic order is still in effect. Paragraph 8B is a reminder that delayed rent is in addition to regular monthly rent due once pandemic orders are lifted. Paragraphs 10 and 11 are reminders that there are many overlapping laws and that it is best to seek legal advice if unsure. You may want to check C.A.R. eviction moratorium chart for guidance Remember to have tenant and landlord sign. If property management agree gives authority, property manager may sign for landlord.

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